Moisture Reports

Our goals are to prevent and resolve problems related to building moisture infiltration, build envelope failure, interior excessive humidity, improper building construction and other conditions that cause moisture. Our experience lies in understanding the complexity of today’s homes and buildings. We specialize in “building science”, the study of the interactions between the various materials, products, and systems used in building construction, the occupants of these buildings, and the environments in which they are located.

We implement state-of-the-art testing equipment including thermal imaging, high quality pictures and CAD drawings of affected locations. This equipment and other equipment make Prime 1 Consulting the best in the testing and documentation of all moisture conditions. 

Our moisture inspections are comprehensive. We will tell you why and where you have moisture problems. We will tell you how the moisture condition occurred and if it will re-occur. During our investigation, we implement state-of-art testing with calibrated and certified equipment. We take digital and infrared images and other non-destructive tests. Photos, infrared images, results, and conclusions are all put into our expertly prepared color report. All report values will be represented in mathematical terms and graphed to determine the potential cause of moisture development and amplification. We then present our findings and conclusions in a laymen’s easy to read format. Contact us today to receive a comprehensive moisture report.