Insurance Claims

Property losses due to mold can be extremely complex from a data and stakeholder standpoint. Complex management issues may exceed the scope of your resources and capabilities, particularly if the loss occurred in a location where you are unfamiliar with local regulations, procedures, and customs.

We provide consulting during the mold claim processes with stakeholders, including homeowners, home office and local personnel, repair contractors, and loss adjusters. We can help provide timely inspections and reports that are critical to mold claims issues— so you can resolve them before they develop into challenges that could delay recovery.

Additionally, Prime 1 Consulting can provide experts to help establish the scope and values of mold property damage. These experts can separate mold event damages from hurricanes or floods from maintenance or related repair upgrades, which may or may not be insurance recoverable. Our experts work with our clients to identify mold damage-scope issues that may not be evident to your insurer or the adjustment team. These efforts can help improve recovery efforts and reduce losses, enabling you to focus on restoring your home or resuming your business operations.

​​If you need help with your mold insurance claim, contact us today.